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11 May 2011 @ 07:39 pm
Round 3 // Challenge 12 Results  
Thanks so much to everyone who answered my voting call! It was fantastic!

EDIT: Turns out somehow I misread a vote. Sorry, all! That means now the results have changed. No one could separate your icons after all.



Congratulations to our last iconmakers standing for R3!

1st place (TIE):

Scorecard: Period Dress Icon: -2 = -2; Redo Icon A: +3 - -4 = -1, Redo Icon B = +1 - -1 = 0

Scorecard: Period Dress Icon: -2 = -2; Redo Icon A: +7 - -2 = +5, Redo Icon B = -6 = -6

Scorecard: Period Dress Icon: -6 = -6; Redo Icon A: +5 - -2 = +3, Redo Icon B = +4 - -4 = 0

If you would like to see your vote comments, please leave a comment here with your icon number. Indicate whether you would like your feedback in a screened or unscreened comment, thank you. NB: there are plenty of extra comments, so I encourage you to get your feedback this week :).
Dorota: star trek ds9 - tora ziyal - smilexafirah on May 11th, 2011 10:23 am (UTC)
Wow, scores are really close!
Congratulations to obaona and realproof. You both made incredibly beautiful icons. I didn't leave you any concrit to your icons - I didn't know what to write - they're all gorgeous and I love every single icon in the final challenge.
I'm not surprised people didn't want to vote - the choice was very difficult. But thank you so much for voting and concrit.

I'd be happy to read my comments, thank you.

And thank you for running this lims comm, shadowserenity. It was my first round and I enjoyed it! :D
Amsie: Timelessshadowserenity on May 11th, 2011 06:38 pm (UTC)
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your first round! The quality of your entries was A+ :). Thanks for participating!

Part 1:
- [very clean and simple - no extra textures of stuff added, but very effective insodoing. Nice center crop and excellent balance between black and white]
- The centering and the texture fit perfectly. Very clean and focused.

– Perfect b/w here. Kirk is nice and clear, the background is interesting but not attracting attention away from the subject. I also like the bar you have above his head, subtle, but again, increasing visual interest without taking away from Kirk. Skillful and balanced.
- Great focus and contrast, which is occasionally hard on bw-icons.
- Really love the crop and use of texture in the background!

Part 2:
- While I like the way that you've used text in your redone version, Hoshi seems really small in comparison to the rest of the icon.
- [a better cropping job and more fitting font would have enhanced the icon a lot]
- [really creative redoing - can't even tell it was a redo; colours match perfectly; excellent text]
- Some parts of the subject matter (our left) appear to be a little blurry
- Icon is OK, but as for improvement I can't tell that making lonely icon from crowded and therefore friendly one is great idea, sorry
- I really love the coloring on the redone icon, but the blur around her shoulder and over sharpness on the face are a bit much.
- The remade icon makes a much stronger statement than the original. The coloring is vibrant, and the background and text work really well.
- While I really like the coloring of the background of your second icon a lot, its vibrancy unfortunately gives the skin tones a grey-ish/washed out hue.
- while I really think it's a great improvement you've singled out one character and put in such a lovely background, Hoshi is still a little pixellated because she still remains small; if she filled up a bit more of the negative space, I think that would solve the pixellation, especially around her neck.

– Definitely an improvement. I love how you chose to focus on one character, and the lines in the background add a touch of interest. The text is nicely understated. I love how you upped the color in the background in particular, it makes the icon more eyecatching.
- I like that you focused on one of the people versus the group and that the background is now so bright. Though the text being so far away from her, makes it get a bit lost, or rather divides the focus between her and the text.

- The background replacement is well done, the colouring is bright and natural, and the yellow of the background doesn't overwhelm B'Elanna.
- [it's simple..yet elegant]
- The colouring is bright/happy thus a good match to the subject matter's facial expression. The colour balance is good.
- Great job removing the background and focusing in on her face. I love the light effect behind her - it's just enough to really draw your attention to her face.
- The yellow background really does wonders for the icon! The overall coloring is also much improved and looks fantastic (really noticeable in the skin tones and the browns of her hair!)
- this is my favourite redo icon; I see you've brightened B'Elanna's skin and you've matched her with a lovely warm background; looks great.

– Background replacement works nicely here, much better than the original. The yellow is so bright and cheerful, it matches her smile wonderfully, but you still don’t lose her figure (as she’s also yellow/orange). I am impressed.
- Oh, this is a much more friendly icon, so bright and shiny, in contrast to the first version. It definitely goes much better with her smile. I also like the additional lighting.
Amsie: Destroy Everything You Touchshadowserenity on May 11th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
I somehow managed to miscount a vote and not pick up the error when I was rechecking, so I must apologise as that changes the result. While your votes don't change, one vote goes from obaona Seven of Nine icon to realproof's Deanna icon - which now means there's a three way tie for first place as everyone has a total of -3.

I do apologise again, but congratulations!
-: GoT - Jon/Arya best halfsiblings everrealproof on May 11th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
Congratulations obaona, your 7of9 icon was gorgeous! and similarly for xafirah, your B'elanna one was lovely. :)

thank you, Amsie for another lovely round of this.

[also, did you forget one positive vote for the remix icons? I only count 19 total *wanted to know how many votes there were in the end and counted everything*]

oh, and for once I'd like my comments, please
Amsie: Breath of Summershadowserenity on May 11th, 2011 06:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you for participating again! :D I really loved your Deanna icon for this challenge.

There is one positive vote missing, yes. The voter mistakenly forgot to fill out their second favourite vote and didn't correct it in time, but since we needed all the votes we could get, I included their votes anyway.

In the end, 10 people voted :).

Part 1:
- Fits the task and have great texture spots to ease the scene

– I know this was a hard one, and you managed it brilliantly. Love how she’s small, but her expression is still quite clear, and her face is the first thing you’re drawn to, due to the fantastic contrast. Muted coloring maintains the mood of the cap, but I don't feel it lacks color at all.

Part 2:
- [I don't like the texture too much]
- I really like this icon, but I think it has less emotional impact than the original. The lighter background and showing more of the figures loses the feeling of threat/intimacy in the original.
- [all were great - but I had to pick a second LF. Chosen because texture was a bit akwardly blended with image]
- The strong background texture is appropriate to the subject matter (fiery characters, devil at my shoulder). Good crop/use of negative space.
- from somewhat dark and insecure icon we get bright one, cooler one. Great use of texture and light
- Wonderful reworking of the original! Lovely coloring, composition and background replacement. Clarity and contrast are beautiful and much improved.
- while I very much liked the composition of the original icon, it is nice to see Kira a bit brighter and the background is really beautifully chosen.

– Whoa. Your second one here is just awesome. I love the red, the texture, how you brightened up Kira (a problem with your first), just all around a beautiful icon. Not sure what else to say, it’s just gorgeous!

- Resizing Dukat and making him central in the composition gives the new icon a much more powerful focus on the figure. The use of black and white adds to the starkness of the image.
- Both icons do look wonderful (and I really loved your first one.) But the centered crop in your second icon isn't as dynamic looking when compared to the unique composition your first icon has.

– I think there’s something to be said for both the original and the redo here. Interesting color and composition in the first, but I do think the second is more successful, because he pops out more, the focus is more clearly on him than the background. Good contrast. I’m not entirely sure about the light blobs you have, they make the image more unusual but also overshadow him a bit. A small quibble, though.
Amsie: Seriously?!shadowserenity on May 11th, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
Unbelievably, I somehow managed to miscount and not pick up my error. I've corrected it now and we all have ties for first place!

Here's your corrected vote for Part 1, icon 3:
- Coloring is pretty and vivid without being overly bright, and the clarity is wonderful. Awesome crop!
- Fits the task and have great texture spots to ease the scene
-: VD - Damon nggghrealproof on May 11th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
lol, oh my. well, here's to us all! :)
oba: lots - cara's smileobaona on May 11th, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)
Wow! Thank you, everyone! :D

Comments for #1 (part 1), #1 and #4, please? Unscreened is fine, thank you! :D
Amsie: Pretty Girlshadowserenity on May 11th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
YAY, congratulations :D.

Part 1:
- I like the interesting crop and use of negative space, and the colouring is gorgeous!
- [wonderful starkness!]
- Beautiful saturated colouring which doesn't lose anything in terms of image quality and clarity. Love the crop and how it emphasizes the detail of the way her hair is styled.
- Good colour balance. Crop focuses on curls of hair. Me thinks this is effective.
- The coloring is absolutely gorgeous! The yellows and reds are so vibrant looking!
- I really love the framing of Seven and the focus on her hair; what a unique, compositionally clever icon.

- I love the crop and especially the clarity in colour and the brightness of 7of9. And the soft background works very well for this.

Part 2:
- The colouring on your redone version of this icon is gorgeous! As well, I like the subtle texture use in the background to add some interest without being distracting.
- It looks almost identical to the original, and maybe something more could have been done.
- [great icon, but had to choose eh. Chosen because redo was least different from original]
- Parts of the character's hair could (at the top) be blended into the background by slight softening of some pixels. Parts of the subject matter (the shoulder to our left) appear to be in harsh contrast to the background.
- Adding saturation is great, but there can be more changes, another texture, may be, to underline the subject
- The saturation is wonderful, it comes very close to washing out her face, but there's just enough detail there to keep my eye focused. Beautiful job.
- The remake is lovely, and I do think it's more vibrant with better contrast than the original, however there wasn't really much done to rework it into a new icon. It's essentially the same icon with a couple of tweaks to it.

- Great improvement on the contrast. the previous one looked a bit washed out, but this just looks so clear and bright. I'm not sure the addition to the background was necessary, though.
- Your coloring on your second icon looks great! It's so much more vibrant looking than in your first icon.

- The background texture around Spock's head is rather distracting in the redone version of this icon.
- Really creative rethinking of the original icon. Love the idea of the balance between the light and the dark in a meditative Spock.
- [stunning icon; contrast between b+w is fantastic. use of texture is amazing; great redo]
- very interesting mirror idea and those... rays? are great!
- I actually really like the original better. I love the concept, but the redone version is just too distracting - between the textures behind Spock and the size of his head, the details get lost.
- The remake is interesting, but I like the original version better. The remake is a bit gimmicky with the upside down repeated image, and it lacks the emotional punch of the original.
- Your second icon looks much improved without as high black and white contrast as your first one has. The composition is also very unique and the more textured background and image flip make the second icon's negative space not feel so empty as the first.
- while the contrast is much better than the original icon, the sun-like circle around Spock detracts from his pose.

- This is definitely an interesting version of the previous icon. and I like how he doesn't look as overcontrasted anymore, the shadows in the previous one were very deep.
Amsie: Just Say Soshadowserenity on May 11th, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
Gah, seems I miscounted a vote and gave you one more favourite vote for your Seven of Nine icon that there in fact was. While that doesn't change your ranking, it's now a tie between all participants.

Sorry for the mistake! But still - YAY, congrats! :)