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22 April 2011 @ 06:46 pm
Round 3 // Challenge 12  

Congratulations to our three remaining participants! Please note the changes in what is required of you in this challenge and that it will be open for the following two weeks. Best of luck!

Welcome to Round 3, Challenge 12 :).

The Lowdown:
. You must use the caps supplied.
. You may submit only three icons for this challenge.
. If you decide to change your entry, simply delete your existing reply and post your new submission.
. Please don't post or use your icon anywhere until the challenge is over. Doing so will result in your disqualification.
. Use of textures, brushes, blending, and animation is permitted. Stock text is banned.
. Check the user info for a how-to on submitting.
. Please notify me if you would like to use your skip. If, by the time the challenge has closed and you have not submitted your entry, I will use your skip to take you into the next challenge.

Challenge 12 has two parts.
1. Make one icon from the Period Dress caps here (caps taken from TrekCore). If you have any problems with my Photobucket, please notify me.
2. Participants must choose two icons they made in earlier weeks. Participants must improve upon these entries. They can follow the same technique or they can do something completely different with the cap. The goal of this challenge is to see improvement. Participants will submit two new icons along with their old entries for comparison at voting time. To see how that voting is conducted, check out R1's final challenge.

Entries are due on Friday, 6th May, 11PM EST. Any questions? Feel free to ask :).